Work Report of ChainX Council: the Verifier Seat can be Expanded after Substrate is Upgraded to 2.0

Since the establishment and operation of ChainX parliament, it has made great contributions to the ChainX community. Each member has played a crucial role in his own role. Although some community noises are inevitable, the members are still dedicated to contribute their own strength to the development of chainx.

In order to let more people in the community know and even participate in the construction of the parliament in time, from this week on, we will make a simple report on the operation of the parliament of ChainX every week for community members to understand and supervise. Of course, some of the information may be obscured due to privacy and the non-public information will not be mentioned for the time being. Please be informed.

  • “Reduce the block dropping penalty and expand the verifier seat”
  • ChainX official account for two development, increasing user stickiness
  • Participation of BIGone “stall Festival”
  • Chainx launched a series of grant after open source to encourage development.
  • PCX’s launch on the poly currency exchange
  • Discuss the exact positioning of ChainX in cross chain assets
  • Discussion on abstention from voting
  • Technical follow-up to verify the feasibility of node expansion: need to wait for substrate to upgrade to version 2.0
  • Modify and update the introduction of MXC project
  • Grant award development documents and publicity of ChainX
  • Vote on whether PCX is launched into the poly currency exchange

Follow up of the official account or the two development issue

As the current president of this week, because of the “whether to collect money” issue, we witnessed a broader discussion on the result in the community, and some discordant voices appeared. However, we are glad to see that the members are still patiently answering questions to the community, even if they are reviled, but they are still patient with users.

Maybe it’s hard for community members to imagine that members of parliament have been doing their best for ChainX, and we often discuss a certain issue for a long time. At the same time, because of the time difference of foreign members, sometimes there are people answering messages in the early hours of the morning, so in fact, members are not idle as you think, on the contrary, I witnessed your good intentions.

Therefore, as a member of ChainX and an investor, I hope that as a member of the community, we can understand each other more and support each other so as to build a better ChianX!

About ChainX

ChainX is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin, based on Substrate, and will evolve into the Polkadot Secondary Relay Chain.