What will ChainX Bring to The Bitcoin Ecosystem

As an portal for Bitcoin eocystem , ChainX will add smart contract wings to Bitcoin.

The future ChainX smart contract ecosystem will have a inter-chain trading platform agreement, a complete domain name system PNS, Bitcoin-based DeFi, and a community referendum. At the same time, the prosperity and development of the blockchain cannot be separated from the community. We believe that the community will have more and more exciting applications. We organized a series of hackathons to help developers understand the development of smart contracts on ChainX. At the same time, ChainX invested over 100,000 USD to establish a contract development foundation to create the world’s first Bitcoin Dapp to promote the landing and development of Bitcoin applications.

Bitcoin with smart contract functions will bring new value anchors and further expand Bitcoin’s asset attributes as the world’s largest In Bitcoin’s second-tier network, ChainX has reduced the transfer time of Bitcoin from ten minutes to two seconds, and the transfer cost is only a few cents, which is a qualitative leap; in the near future we will be able to see the adoption of Bitcoin smart contracts The products developed by the platform, including games, quiz, Defi, Dex, payment lending, and pledge, will build the underlying digital gold, the ecology of the upper-level value Internet, and realize the free circulation of assets and the free transfer of value.

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