What Problems are Encountered During the Bridging Process of FIL

2 min readApr 18, 2020

1. What Problems are Encountered During the Bridging Process of FIL?

There are two main problems encountered in the bridging process. One is that the implementation version of the go language has a large gap between the grammatical and rust implementation. This part requires a lot of effort to compare the differences and interface feature compatibility. The second is because FileCoin is still in the iterative development stage, and it needs to be changed and upgraded with the iteration of the FileCoin version.

2. After the storage project, there are Sia and the like, why did ChainX choose Fil?

In the storage projects, FileCoin has the top team of the industry and very large amount of miners, users, community groups and very good influence. Choosing FIL is the need for strong alliances to jointly promote blockchain infrastructure Development, and can join the Polkadot community and FileCoin community users, thereby forming a superposition of network effects.

3. Has ChainX communicated with the founding team of FileCoin?

Yes, we communicated with the FileCoin Lab for the Rust client, but due to our later contact, the Filecoin Rust client grant was handed over to another team, and the PolkaX team ’s Filecoin Rust client will serve The community implementation version continues to be.

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