What is the Specific Method of Bridging to FileCoin

1. What is the specific method of bridging to FileCoin? What are the main steps? Where is the bridge going now?

Access to Filecoin will be divided into four steps:

1). Implement the IPFS rust library

2). Rust client implementing filecoin

3). Filecoin storage pool

4). Integrate the first three modules after implementation into the substrate as parachain.

Currently in the stage of the second and third steps.

2. Are there any plans to participate in cooperation with FileCoin?

We will continue to develop the transfer bridge. After FileCoin goes online, FileCoin community users can mine PCX by staking FIL, participate in the construction and governance of ChainX ecosysterm, as an asset inter-chain hub, and finally realize the access of Fil assets to Polkadot Ecological network.

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ChainX is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin, based on Substrate, and will evolve into the Polkadot Secondary Relay Chain.