To the ChainX community:The road is far away, wait and see.

3 min readJan 22, 2022

By @gguoss, ChainX & ComingChat CEO

My colleague once sent me a picture, and in the picture,my girlfriend (ChainX) and I were walking on the road, when I passed a beauty (ComingChat), I was attracted by this beauty and stared at her…

Colleagues laughed when they saw the picture. But I realized that the ChainX community has a big misunderstanding of me.I know this, and I won’t blame anyone else, our team failed to communicate our great vision and what we have been doing recently. So today I will explain it to you more clearer.

More than two years ago, we took the lead in realizing the cross-chain of Bitcoin in the entire crypto world and completed XBTC. The XBTC has very low fees and fast transfers. Once launched, it was recognized and sought after by people. But soon the problem was exposed. After people pledged BCT to ChainX, the staking assets were useless. This is what worries me the most. I thought about this question for a long time, and finally I decided that by deploying EVM on ChainX, Bitcoin can execute smart contracts like Ethereum, and then have a rich application ecology. In this way, if people lock their Bitcoins on the ChainX network, it will be as natural as locking ETH on Ethereum. At the same time, the token PCX will also be used as the gas fee for Dapps on the ChainX network.

A new question has arisen: Even though we can achieve the great thing of empowering Bitcoin through our technology, how can ChainX attract users to use it in the current situation of such a flood of public chains with smart contract functions? In other words, the traffic issue is very crucial. In order to solve the traffic problem, I decided to make a social product that really belongs to Web3, which is now ComingChat. ComingChat has been online for a few months, has 5 million downloads and will soon exceed 10 million in a short while.

The success of ComingChat has brought two points to ChainX: one is sufficient traffic. There is no doubt that ComingChat users will all be ChainX users. The second is to provide a perfect entry for those Dapps built on the ChainX network. Whether it is DeFi or GameFi, people will be able to use these Dapps directly in the interface of ComingChat.

In this way, the ChainX network will build rich Dapps and it will be widely used by users,just like Ethereum and BSC.

Now, it’s all going according to plan. EVM is already on the SherpaX mainnet, and users can deploy it using Ethereum’s ecological tools. Both the DEX and the BTC-backed stablecoin Dai have been deployed on the testnet. In 2022, I promise that many Dapps will be launched. These applications will be launched on SherpaX first, and if they run normally, we will launch these applications on the ChainX network,this will make Bitcoin useful, and also make PCX widely available as gas fee for these applications.

In fact, many people may not know that some projects with high market value in the crypto world are not as advanced as they think. From a technical point of view, our team can do anything that exists in the blockchain industry. More and more outstanding blockchain practitioners are joining us, and some members are from the top 100 or even top 20 universities in the world. This is the thing I am most proud of.

I’m not going to explain anything to those who question us or despise us, it’s just a waste of our time. I firmly believe that practice is the only criterion for testing truth.

Finally, to borrow the words of Satoshi Nakamoto and tell everyone, ‘I don’t have much time to explain to you, and I don’t need to explain it to you. The road is far away, wait and see.’




ChainX is a BTC Layer 2 solution compatible with EVM that utilizes Bitcoin as a gas fee, serving as the predecessor network of BEVM.