The Tide Is Surging, Who Will Be at the Helm?

3 min readJun 1, 2022

Token $OP has been listed on major exchanges. Optimistic Ethereum is an EVM compatible Optimistic Rollup chain. We are not going to introduce the project here, but try to capture what all these chains at the cutting edge have in common. From this, we can glimpse the most popular trends and find their pain points, so as to steer the turbulent wave of the crypto world and lead the next era.

There should be about 20 Layer 2 networks, large and small, in Ethereum, and these chains are obviously EVM compatible. In addition, the public chains developed by the top exchanges Binance/OKX/Kucoin/Huobi/ BSC/OKChain/KCC/HECOChain/Cronos are also EVM chains. Even some parachains in the Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem are already on the road of EVM compatibility. Among them, Moonbeam took the lead in taking action, not limited by ecological restrictions, and embraced the EVM world outside Polkadot with an open attitude. This may be the reason why Moonebeam is a star project in the Polkadot ecosystem.

We praise Gavin without hesitation, because even today, Polkadot is still ahead of the world in terms of technology, and the Substate architecture still has the best performance. But at the same time, we have to admit that the era of the EVM may have come quietly. Looking around, one can easily find a hundred or more well-known EVM chains, the trend that seems irreversible.

Problems ensue. The interaction between these more than 100 EVM chains, as well as the interaction between these EVM chains and UTXO chains such as BTC/Dogecoin, and non-EVM chains such as Solana have become the most important issues facing the entire encryption world. Users are already tired of complicated and lengthy cross-chain operations, and sometimes even confused about how to transfer tokens to projects on another chain for financial management. Without a doubt, this is the biggest pain point of the current web3.

We have to mention LayerZero again, (about it, we have already explained briefly in the previous article: together, this is the best solution to the current full-chain interoperability problem.
The ChainX team has established contact with the LayerZero team and cooperated on the deployment of LayerZero Endpoint on ChainX.

For years, when people talk about the term cross-chain, they think of Cosmos and Polkadot. But from the perspective of the future, their ecology that is almost separated from the outside world will surely become a small subset of the omnichain world. The future must be omni-chain. After ChainX deploys LayerZero and the distributed aggregation protocol, SoSwap built on ChainX is such an omni-chain financial center. On SoSwap, people do not need to use complex cross-chain bridges to realize swap between tokens on different chains, and the liquidity pools on all EVM chains will also be aggregated, and people can choose the best money management method on all chains with one click.

We firmly believe that ChainX and the future SoSwap will become the leader of omni-chain interaction. At that time, people will vote with their feet, and smart capital and advanced technology will flow to the most correct fields.




ChainX is a BTC Layer 2 solution compatible with EVM that utilizes Bitcoin as a gas fee, serving as the predecessor network of BEVM.