The First Bitcoin Smart Contract Game Based on the ChainX Smart Contract Platform and Polkadot Substrate Technology

1. What is Bitcoin Prophet?

Bitcoin Prophet is the first Bitcoin smart contract game based on the ChainX smart contract platform and Polkadot Substrate technology, which uses the Bitcoin light client Oracle to obtain the Bitcoin hash and make predictions. The game will be officially launched when Polkadot Launches, and is now launching a public beta version of the . Everyone is welcome to play together! There are huge prizes waiting for you!

2. How to become a Bitcoin prophet?

1) Before the game starts, users must transfer PCX to the following address of mainet : 5PyWuGeCVvzJPhmY64QiLM3yGkrPU21ydMpeahihSEFQ9uJY

Please fills in memo with the PCX test network address , which is used to exchange the test network PCX to participate in the game at a 1: 1 ratio.

2 )Users log in the game ( and connect to the ChainX testnet account

3) The user predicts the hash of the bitcoin block, chooses parity, and invests the predicted amount

4) Waiting for the end of this round of prediction, the side that predicts the right will become the bitcoin prophet, winning the bet, and the side that fails to predict will lose the bet.

5) After the game, the users should sent PCX to the following address of the testnet : 5CBGz4ZCdeDAYWxFMbou5zPpapeBvjU1BV9pDHRTfTeL7sqV

Please fill in the memo with the mainnet address. Note that the mainnet address before and after must be the same. After the verification by the development team, according to the game results, 1: 1 back to the mainnet PCX .

6) The end of the first game of test network at height 1746100 (expected time 2020.5.21 16:00)


1) The game will first be tested on the ChainX testnet, and users are welcome to participate.

Although the public beta of the game is conducted on the testnet, users can still win the real PCX! The party who loses the game will lose PCX, so please participate in it properly and pay attention to the risks.

2)Please participate in the public beta carefully to keep the private keys of the testnet and mainnet addresses used for the public beta. If the private key is lost, the lost PCX will not be recovered!

3. What can you get to be a Prophet!

1. In each round of game , the winning party will divide all the betting amount according to the proportion of the betting. The losing party will not return.

2. Participate in the game to share 2000 PCX

Participate in the game and predict Bitcoin

1) Overseas users RT & Follow @

2) Domestic users forward game posters to WeChat Moments or Weibo and @ChainX 社区

Users can participate in the prize sharing after completing the above tasks. We will randomly select 20 lucky players among the first batch of game users to divide up 2000 PCX.

3) If you find an important bug or put forward constructive suggestions to be adopted, you will also receive a generous reward!

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