The Current Crypto World Shows Three Trends

As the wave of blockchain sweeps the world, it continues to affect the commercial civilization of human society. On the one hand, it has brought a continuous explosion of native encrypted assets, on the other hand, it has also brought an exponential growth in the encryption of real-world commercial assets. The current crypto world shows three trends:


Since the birth of Bitcoin, various competition chains and innovation chains have emerged. Chain-level Coins are constantly increasing, native tokens on the chain are constantly appearing, and there are a variety of assets on the chain brought by various license chains and private chains. This continues to erupt in the foreseeable future.


Due to the diversification of user needs and the limitations of blockchain scalability, public chains will tend to divide vertically, and each public chain has its main features to meet the specific needs of users. The licensing chain itself serves the specific interest alliances, specific segmentation needs, and specific industry fields, and has been automatically verticalized.


At present, most of the chains cannot be connected to each other due to technology, community, ecology, competition and other reasons. This has brought about the fragmentation of users, assets, applications, and data. User needs cannot be further satisfied. For example, you cannot use BTC to participate in the DEFI of ETH, you cannot use ETH to achieve anonymous privacy, etc.

Now has entered an era where everything is an asset, assets are value, and value can be traded. If the isolation between chains cannot be broken, orderly connections cannot be established, Inter-chain assets, free flow, and low-friction exchanges cannot be achieved, the vision of blockchain value Internet of Things cannot be realized.

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