SherpaX 2+1 Joint Testnet has been Launched

3 min readJun 4, 2021


SherpaX is the canary network of ChainX, an experimental, authentic, and independent R&D network. SherpaX and ChainX are highly similar in design, and some new technological innovations and attempts will be pre-experimented on SherpaX before being deployed to ChainX. After several months of hard work, the three development teams of ChainX finally finished three important products, which are planned to be deployed to SherpaX this Friday for joint debugging.

What is the SherpaX 2 + 1 joint test network?

In the 2+1 joint test network, 2 represents the ETH-based cross-chain gateway and BTC-based cross-chain gateway, 1 represents the upgraded version of the ChainX matching exchange (like Uniswap). The 2+1 network is developed by three different teams on ChainX.

BTC cross-chain development team
The team realized the BTC cross-chain of XBTC 2.0. Dogecoin and BCH present a large untapped market segment and given they are a fork of BTC with the same set of technical systems, the BTC cross-chain development team has created a BTC/DOGE/BCH Bridge using light node plus mortgage free cross-chain technology.

ETH cross-chain development team
Based on the previous development effort of Platdot and Bscdot, the ETH cross-chain development team has created a ETH and USDT-ERC 20 Bridge.

ChainX DEX development team
The ChainX DEX development team has completed the upgrade of ChainX DEX and converted the on-chain matching transaction pair mode to AMM mode, creating a more populated and easier to use DEX compared to the previous version.

What is the significance of the 2+1 joint test network?

Realize multi-chain and cross-chain
This cross-chain currency includes BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, DOT, KSM, DOGE, BCH, LAT, PCX, which realizes multi-chain cross-chain, breaks the ecological barriers of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Polkadot, and realizes intercommunication.

The scale of cross-chain assets is huge
Among the top 10 currencies in the digital currency market, 8 of them are bridged, accounting for about 80% of the total market value of encrypted assets. It achieves a system that takes but one-click to provide the liquidity of the main Top 10 currencies to the DOT ecosystem. The launch of the Polkadot XCMP protocol is imminent. ChainX’s launch alongside this will provide all the important assets of cryptocurrency across the chain in the DOT ecology for all projects to utilize. In addition, it even contains the highly potential Platon ecology. At this stage of testing, we will only support cross-chain currencies such as BTC, ETH, BNB, DOGE, and PCX. Cross-chain currencies of other currencies will be continuously launched during the testing phase.

How to participate in the SherpaX 2+1 joint test?

Users who want to participate in the 2+1 joint test, please join the SherpaX Discussion group on Coming first! Coming is the latest privacy communication app launched by the ChainX team. Any information transmitted in the Coming App will be encrypted and stored on the local mobile phone. There is no need to worry about data being stored on a third-party server and leaking privacy due to hacker attacks.

Join the group and get KSX! Complete test tasks and get more KSX rewards! The specific test tutorials and rewards will be announced in the Coming group.

How to download Coming APP and join the group?

Download Coming from the links below and join the SherpaX group.

IOS official download address:

Android download address:

Click the link to join the group:

-Please make sure you have uninstalled the beta version of Coming before downloading the official version to avoid conflicts
-Since the server has been changed to the official environment, the beta version of CID has expired, please re-register the official version of Coming ID account login software

About ChainX

ChainX, the earliest launched project in Polkadot’s ecosystem, is committed to the research and application of Bitcoin layer 2 expansion, digital asset gateway and Polkadot second-layer relay chain, to realize cross-chain asset exchange, leading the new direction of Bitcoin Cross-DeFi.

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ChainX is a BTC Layer 2 solution compatible with EVM that utilizes Bitcoin as a gas fee, serving as the predecessor network of BEVM.