Review of ChainX’s Wonderful Journey (Including Surprised welfare)


ChainX’s main network was launched on May 25, 2019, since then it has been running smoothly for 4 months. Up till now, the number of accounts in the main network has exceeded 3,700, with L-BTC currently standing at 13,500, S-DOT mapping exceeding 1.4 million and PCX 1.81 million.

What’s worth pointing out is that the main network since its launch has seen no major security-related incidents caused by loopholes, with operations and transactions running unobstructed.

Let’s have a brief review on some of the major achievements and community honors ChainX has achieved over the past four months.

On May 25th ChainX’s main network was launched.

On June 20th, ChainX and Akropolis struck a strategic cooperation deal to jointly build a distributed financial and inter-chain interoperable system under the Web3 ecosystem;

On June 21st, the ChainX main network was upgraded to 1.0.2 version which was better equipped in terms of security and stability;

On June 24th, the ChainX parliament made a formal decision to reward contributors to the ecosystem with tokens from the Parliamentary Fund in order to promote the development of community.

On July 11th, the ChainX development team released ChainX’s BTC inter-chain technical specifications, and completed the code development and internal testing of BTC inter-chain lock-ups, meanwhile updated related products such as wallets and browsers;

On July 11th, the BTC lock-up mining was taken onboard the main network, which means BTC users no longer need to deposit their BTC into multi-signed trust addresses, instead, any individual wallet address (generated independently) will do the trick;

On July 18th-24th, ChainX played an assisting role in Polkadot’s tour in China. Dr. Gavin Wood, founder of Polkadot / Parity, and Dr. Alistair Stewart, researcher of Web3 Foundation, started the tour in China with many Web 3.0 eco-builders;

On July 24th, Proposal NO.03 was approved:the Parliament Fund can be used to support ChainX’s tokens to be listed on MXC Exchange; Proposal NO.04: Parliament Fund should support BigONE to promote the ecological development of ChainX;

On July 25th, the ChainX Core development team was officially renamed the PolkaX team;

On July 26th, the ChainX community witnessed the first change of trustees and the transfer of trust assets; in the same week the first Parliament of the ChainX community was established;

On July 26th, Proposal NO.01 was passed: Strengthening restrictions on self-warranted nodes; Proposal NO.02: Restricting users from frequently switching votes;

On July 27th Proposal NO.05: Promoting decentralized governance of the community parliament with the first parliament to be formed;

On July 30th, HashKey Hub announced that its platform could support PCX deposit and withdrawal as well as BTC deposit mining. In the future, it would cooperate with ChainX in application, ecological management, and community building.

On August 1st, the first parliament was established.

On August 1st, Proposal N0.06 was approved: Raising the interest rate threshold for inter-chain mining users;

On August 15th, ChainX fully assisted PolkaWorld in the world’s first Substrate hackathon competition;

On August 9th, ChainX opened its first council in Korea and the white paper was translated into Russian and Vietnamese. The Ambassador of Polka, Henry Wang, attended the Meet-Up on behalf of ChainX in Taiwan and formally established cooperation relations with Staking Vietnam, the first Staking community in Vietnam.Meanwhile ChainX’s Turkey community is gradually making progress;

On August 21st, invited by the Web3 Summit, ChainX co-founder Yue Lipeng and the founder of GNU together delivered a keynote speech: “The Gateway of Crypto Assets for the Polkadot Ecosystem”

On September 1st, the second parliament of the ChainX community was established;

On September 9th, Proposal №07 was passed: Adjusting the mining power of assets;

On September 18th, ChainX core development team PolkaX released the current “five development processes”.

The ChainX community has organized a “comments mining” campaign to give back to community members for supporting its development in the past 4 months.

Community users write their own stories about ChainX over the past 4 months in comments(respond section, including but not limited to: expectations, advice and prospects for ChainX’s future, or how to think about ChainX’s current status. We will select 13 users and reward them with 200 PCX in total.

1. Users of the top 3 comments in terms of the number of likes are to receive 20, 15, and 10 PCXs(Cheating is prohibited, once found the user will be disqualified immediately);

2. Editors could recommend 10 comments, with each user receiving 15 PCXs;

3. Commenting will end before 24:00 on October 16, 2019. The one which receives the highest number of likes enjoys the final reward.

Commenting time: 2019.10.9–10.16

Reward distribution: Within 3 working days after the activity ends.

ChainX community has the final interpretation of this activity.



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ChainX is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin, based on Substrate, and will evolve into the Polkadot Secondary Relay Chain.