Nigeria Ambassador:ChainX Will be One of the Most Adopted Crypto Currency in the Future!

ChainX is launching the plan to recruit Node Ambassadors to spread the value of ChainX to every corner of the world. After the careful screening and assessment, the Nigeria Node Ambassador goes to Mr Toluwase Ashaolu!

The following is a brief interview of Mr Toluwase Ashaolu!

1.Could you talk about your background first?

I am Toluwase Ashaolu, I joined cryptocurrency in 2017 started off as a daily trader. Then after I took part in some couple airdrops, and bounty hunting. I’ve worked with organizations such as JIBREL NETWORK as an Ambassador, DASH as a Translator, With DALECOIN as a campaign manager & Telegram moderator. also worked XERA TECHNOLOGY as Digital Marketer &Brand Ambassador. Was a community manager for Dalecoin and digital marketer 2017, I was the Manager for Xera Exchange last year. Volunteered as admin for NoBS coin and a lot of Bitcointalk bounty.

2.How and when did you learn about ChainX?What factors were the basis of your decision to become ChainX Node Ambassador?

I read about it from a tweet around July. After I went through the whitepaper and learned the partnership and the new age POS algorithm that is here to fix the imperfection of BTC. So I believe that this technology is the type that we need in Nigeria. Africa generally is still in her stone age of cryptocurrency and the knowledge of blockchain technology is still limited to bitcoin alone. I believe with more orientation the adoption of other cryptocurrencies will be mainstream. My ambassadorship program with ChainX will be an educator or cryptocurrency and a medium to evangelize ChainX adoption out here. There are cryptocurrency meetups by other cryptocurrencies like DASH, Hydro that I can join, exchange cards and meet people.

3.Nigeria is the giant of Africa ,talk more about the block chain and cryptocurrency in your country ( the policy ,the leading area in block chain , what people focus on, the attitude of people towards the black chain and crypto currency etc.)

Nigeria is populated with about 50Million youths, even though the economy is striving a lot of Nigerian are strong-willed but are always ready to accept innovation once they see proof and use case.

4.How will you carry out the work of Ambassador Node? and do you have a plan for the long term marketing? what is it?

This movement can start off with online meetups (zoom), WhatsApp groups, Contribution of content creation such as blogs and newsletters, Attend events and constantly come up with new ways to create awareness of CHAINX, Strategize Local seminars and creating brand awareness, Developing relationships with campus groups and influencers and partner with other organizations to build brand awareness, engage with students on campus (because my focus is on the youth)and encouraging then to know about Cryptocurrency via CHAINX and most importantly have our event at Lagos and Abuja our state capital and the most administrative state in Nigeria.

And If I am opportune am not limiting the growth to Nigeria my country alone the knowledge of this new blockchain tech should be heard all over the major administrative centers in Africa like South Africa, Ghana, Kenya. With this approach, It will be market colonization of the biggest African countries’ digital market.

In a few months, I see myself rooted with ChainX and the Continental Ambassador representing CHAINX in all African countries I would be traveling to doing my best to get more investors and the creation of massive adoption.

Personally, I think my impact in my environment matters more than anything I would be doing in the next few years in cryptocurrency.

5.Do need support from the ChainX team? how could ChainX help?

I would need the support of Chainx in setting up seminars, travels. There’s a Huobi meetup coming up on the 19th of October at Lagos and 23rd at Accra, Ghana. I would need the support of chainX to create awareness. I would also look for Patnerships for ChainX.

6.What is your expectations to the future of ChainX?

ChainX is one of the few cryptocurrencies that is doing well in this bearish period I believe when cryptocurrency goes bullish again, Chainx will be one of the most adopted cryptocurrency.

ChainX is about to launch an incentive plan for nodes ,and hope more excellent node could join the ChainX ecosystem.

About Chain X




ChainX is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin, based on Substrate, and will evolve into the Polkadot Secondary Relay Chain.

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ChainX is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin, based on Substrate, and will evolve into the Polkadot Secondary Relay Chain.

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