KSX Release Plan

3 min readNov 30, 2021

A new round of Kusama slot auctions has begun. SherpaX hopes to win this round of auctions and will give the greatest benefits to supporters!

  • All KSX from Auction rewards will be released first

1. Incentive Plan

1KSM locked-up could win 28KSX at most!Click to check detail:https://medium.com/@chainx-org/sherpax-crowdloan-is-open-1fc0b00c15df

2. How to Participate in the Auction

3. Auction Tutorial


4. KSX Release Plan

The following rules apply for Addresses that the amount> 1KSX;

when the amount <1, 100% will be released at the first batch.

1) The First Batch:

Release time: KSX will be released immediately right after successfully connecting to Kusama.

  • 100% slot auction rewards
  • 10% of PCX halving snapshot airdrop
  • 10% CID NFT mining
  • 10% Of TR

2) The second batch:

Release time: Three months after the release of the first batch

  • 100% Giveaway from activities
  • 90 % of PCX halving snapshot airdrop
  • 90 % CID NFT mining
  • 90 % Of TR
KSX is all issued to the community, and the PolkaX development team does not account for any token share.
At the same time, users in areas restricted by laws of China are prohibited from participating.

5. SherpaX Plan after wins para chain

1. Taproot upgrade deployment

Deploy the BTC cross-chain solution after the taproot upgrade to the SherpaX network, and start testing based on the BTC Signet testnet; enable the BTC threshold signature module and recruit new trust nodes. After testing and training, these nodes will become the ChainX mainnet trust node .

2. EVM deployment, Substrate Dex is online

Deploy the EVM to the SherpaX network, and the AMM DEX for all Substrate tokens. Start liquidity pools such as KSX, PCX, and sBTC (BTC test network Signet test coin) in the AMM DEX.

3. Deploy the BTC Lightning Network Protocol to SherpaX

The PolkaX team has basically completed the development of the Lightning Network deployment on the ChainX network. After SherpaX goes online, the BTC Lightning Network will be deployed on SherpaX as a priority.

4. Build a developer community

After the deployment of EVM and Lightning Network, developers can easily develop and deploy BTC-based smart contracts and applications;
The SherpaX council will guide the establishment of a developer community.

About ChainX

ChainX will become the largest Bitcoin Layer 2 Network in the world. The first Substrate blockchain to go live will provide Polkadot with the most valuable digital assets on the market. Committed to realizing trustless and decentralized bridges for Bitcoin and other assets, it forms an inter-blockchain asset gateway, pathing the way for a truly interoperable network of blockchains.

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ChainX is a BTC Layer 2 solution compatible with EVM that utilizes Bitcoin as a gas fee, serving as the predecessor network of BEVM.