Interview of the Node Incentive Plan Candidate|AZIMUT

ChainX launched the Node Incentive Plan.In the first phase, only five nodes would be selected to be the candidates. AZIMUT is one of them.AZIMUT is from the beautiful Italy .The following is a brief interview for you to know more about them!

1.Could you talk about your background first?

I am involved in Crypto since early 2015, starting to discover Bitcoin as “electronic cash system”. I Felt soon in love with it, then i investigated the Ethereum whitepaper which helped me a lot to catch better the endless opportunity of Blockchain technology, especially applied at the current finance system. I have a Master Degree in Economics and actually I tend to consider myself most as an investor than as a technical guy. So, my actual approach is based on a long-term view; maybe there will be no crypto able to replace fiat money, but i am convinced that the technology behind and the asset tokenization will overtake an huge space within a relatively short future.

2.How and when did you learn about ChainX?What factors were the basis of your decision to become ChainX Node?

I was introduced to ChainX thanks to a well-known Parliament Senator member. At the very beginning, it wasn’t much clear to me what ChainX was supposed to do and which was the main mission; i have not been able to follow the development of Web3 foundation, so I just jumped in for profit. Then I had a deeper look to whitepaper; in the meanwhile I tried to collect more details about Web3 projects and Polkadot ecosystem and I got impressed; if someone would ask me “tell me just one reason to marry or support ChainX” I

would reply: stop talking about ChainX, just think bigger; for a new decentralization paradigm we need to review the actual wealth and power distribution among crypto world: Unfair, pretty centralized (despite dominant propaganda), politically manipulated by same people and actors since years. In few words, we need to renew the crypto economic model first of all reducing barriers to entry and then, assuring a different governance model which aims to connect the isolated current blockchains. These are 2 of the most important goals of incoming Web3 ecosystem where ChainX will play his role of building the upper-ties facilities for interchain existing (and future) crypto-assets.

3 .How is the Italy community goes?and how is the crypto currency market in Italy? ( the policy ,the leading area in block chain , what people focus on, the attitude of people towards the black chain and crypto currency etc.)

As you maybe know, I am the owner of AZIMUT ChainX node and also a co-founder of Italian ChainX community, which now counts over 210 members, and I have to admit, I am quite surprised by the interest and participation of people; There are already 5 Running Nodes (PolkaItaly — realgar — AZIMUT — redpenguin — ModelChainX) of which 4 of them in validation mode. This is a big thing if we consider that we are only 5 months old, so the response has been a success, without doubt.

By the way, still a lot of so-called “crypto-guys” are chasing the fast-profit model and it’s not always easy to introduce them the real breakthrough that new projects can bring to our life. As Italian community we have a nice room to grow up and spread the web3 innovation; I am confident we will collect during our journey new committed people who may give us a hand in order to gain popularity. On the other hand, Italian policymakers seem still a bit confused about blockchain-related projects, even if we are on track and on the same side compared to most important EU countries. A survival conducted by ING Bank institute revealed that France, Germany, and Italy consumers own at least 1 digital asset (BTC or similar) at a percentage from 6% to 8% of total.

From a pure business point of view, northern of Italy is of course the leading area (Lombardia, Veneto and Alto Adige regions on top) while in my opinion, we need a more “clear” regulation framework in order to encourage sector development. In few words, blockchain and word “crypto” attract still a lot of so-called “moonboys”, while our effort should go in the opposite direction: spread informations, quality contents and a real help to support the phenomenon understanding.

4.What support do you need from ChainX ?

The most important thing in my opinion is to avoid any (even small and temporary) form of centralization allowing the establishment of trusted nodes outside China mainland. I know your staff is working on it, but i just ask you to speed up the process. Additionally, we have still issues to check the ChainX explorer, maybe due to the great firewall. I hope you guys could move soon in these directions.

5.What is your expectations to the future of ChainX?

I am sure ChainX team is going to achieve all prefixed goals. This is my expectation, and it’s a big expectation if we consider how many projects have failed in the last years. Failure is not an option, also because the whole sector lives upon the trust; we need to get successful, pushing up crypto adoption in a scalable and interoperable way. This is what ChainX must aim to do!

6.Do you have suggestion to ChainX?

Nothing to remark actually; I see the team is highly focused on the roadmap. Maybe just remodulate the communication, sending out more and more updates about the development status accompanied by a better and more frequent interaction via social international channels such as Telegram, Reddit and so on.

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ChainX is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin, based on Substrate, and will evolve into the Polkadot Secondary Relay Chain.