How to Get Tiger ChainX’ NFT

2 min readJan 13, 2022

To celebrate the Year of Tiger, there will be a 5 limited edition CID NFT “Year of the Tiger” 🐯disseminated throughout the ChainX community, the Comfuture platform, the SherpaX community, the ComingChat App, and the ComingChat community.

Total Rewards worth $100,000,000

We would release 80% of rewards(~$80,000,000) to our ecosystem community members and 20%(~$20,000,000) to those who collect 5 Tiger NFTs. 💸 Tiger ChainX’ NFT is one of the 5 Tiger NFTs!

How to Get Tiger ChainX’ NFT?

Period 1: Elections of the most popular validators in ChainX.

From January 13–23, 2022

  • TR to win & Vote to win

Everyone who RT and Vote for your favorite validators will win the Tiger ChainX’ NFT! Submit your CID at the end of the table to receive rewards!

  • Be the Top 10 favorite validators to win.

According to the above voting results, each of the Top 10 favorite validators will receive one ‘Tiger ChainX’ NFT ’!

In addition, ChainX will pledge 30,000/20,000/10,000 PCX to the top three validators respectively.

Due to malicious vote-swiping behavior in the part of ‘Election of the Most Popular Trust’, we decided to randomly distribute 2,000 NFTs in this issue, and the remaining 18,000 NFTs will be distributed in the second stage of the event.

Period 2: Stake to win

From January 24 to February 15

Stake to win event will start after the election of the Top 10 favorite validators,

  • PCX holders who stake not less than 1 PCX to one of the Top 10 favorite validators will get Tiger ChainX’s NFT within 1–2 hours in your PCX address.
  • If you already staked to one of the top 10 validators before the event, you will also get the Tiger ChainX’s NFT, which will be distributed to your address on 24th January 2022.

Bonus up :

100,000 mini points and 20000 8-digit CIDs will be shared by all the Tiger ChainX’s NFT holders!

If you wanna collect all the 5 Tiger NFTs, click to know more:

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ChainX will become the largest Bitcoin Layer 2 Network in the world. The first Substrate blockchain to go live will provide Polkadot with the most valuable digital assets on the market. Committed to realizing trustless and decentralized bridges for Bitcoin and other assets, it forms an inter-blockchain asset gateway, pathing the way for a truly interoperable network of blockchains.

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ChainX is a BTC Layer 2 solution compatible with EVM that utilizes Bitcoin as a gas fee, serving as the predecessor network of BEVM.