How to be the Prophet of Bitcoin

Step 1: Generate ChainX testnet wallet address

1. Open ChainX Web Wallet, click “Connect ChainX Local Signer” under “Experience Account” in the upper right corner to download signer

Web version wallet address:

2.Open ChainX singer and select “Switch to Testnet”

3. Select “Add New Address” to generate your testnet account

4. Click to copy the test network address and fill it in memo when transferring PCX

Step 2: Redeem ChainX testnet PCX

1)Transfer main network PCX to ChainX designated address exchange test network PCX

In this step, users can freely choose the desktop version of the wallet or the web version of the wallet to transfer PCX

  • Here is an example of the desktop wallet:
  • Open ChainX wallet and click on transfer
  • Transfer the amount of PCX you need to exchange to the following address

Please note memo (your testnet address) when transferring PCX

After the transfer is completed, open your test address and wait for the test PCX to arrive

designated address:


Transfer memo: Fill in the ChainX testnet address just generated

Please carefully to keep the private keys of the testnet and mainnet addresses used for the public beta. If the private key is lost, the lost PCX will not be recovered!

Step 3: After the test coins arrive, start the game

1. Open the game page:

2 Make sure your singer is switched to the testnet

3, Go back to the game page. At this time, your testnet account will be displayed in the upper right corner, and the testnet will be displayed in the upper left corner.

4,Select the amount you want to bet and click OK

Step 3: Wait for the draw

In each round of game prediction, the winning party will divide all the betting amount according to the proportion of the betting amount to the winning party amount, and the losing party will not return.

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ChainX is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin, based on Substrate, and will evolve into the Polkadot Secondary Relay Chain.