How to be a ChainX Custodian?

Feb 11, 2022


ChainX will update the Bitcoin cross-chain process in a few days,and by then we will adopt the latest Taproot technology in this cross-chain process.

If you want to be a ChainX Custodian,Please follow the tutorial below to get started!

First,open this webpage:

Make sure it’s ChainX network

Then,add your account.

After adding your account,Click ‘Governance’ and ‘Council’.

Click‘Submit candidacy’ to become a candidate,you need to stake 10 PCX in this step.

After being a candidate,click‘Vote’ to vote for yourself with PCX.

Election time: From now until the cross-chain process update

The final top 11 will become members of Council, and 10 of the members will become custodians.

The reward rules for the work of the custodians will be announced later.




ChainX is a BTC Layer 2 solution compatible with EVM that utilizes Bitcoin as a gas fee, serving as the predecessor network of BEVM.