How does the ChainX FIL Bridge Help the FilCoin and Polkadot Ecosystem?

How does the bridge to FIL help the Polkadot ecosystem? How does it help the FilCoin ecosystem?

The IPFS technology used by Filecoin uses sharding to divide the user’s file into N shares. It is encrypted and stored in certain nodes of the network. We all know that the smaller the file, the faster the download. Therefore, the use of IPFS for cloud storage means that these nodes store different parts of file fragments at the same time, and only need 1 / nqi time to complete the storage.

Everyone knows that although BTC and ETH have small block capacity and small data on the chain, due to the huge transaction volume, the current “ledger” is already a few T in size, and for individual nodes, the amount of data is also huge. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, I hope that with the help of IPFS storage, all the blockchain data is stored in it, and it can be called at any time when it is needed.

For the Polkadot Ecosysterm, as a blockchain infrastructure, IPFS has a very large number of miners, users, and community groups. On the one hand, access to FIL can attract the user community of the FileCoin community to the Polka Ecosyterm. The superposition of the network effects has greatly expanded the user group of the Polkadot community. On the other hand, through the FileCoin transfer bridge, the future para chain and Dapp can store data on the FileCoin network.

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