EDG Users Taste the Substrate Technology and Win PCX as Experiencing Rewards

Polkadot, one of the most mind-blowing blockchain projects in 2019 that draw widespread attention, aspires to provide a scalable and interoperable platform via DApps and blockchain ecosystems to connect hundreds or even thousands of blockchains through a range of economic activities, so that the vision of Web3 which foresees all these systems could achieve obstacle-free communication and interoperability can materialize.

ChainX and Edgeware are two popular projects in the Polka ecosystem. To support Edgeware launching its main network and help users fully experience the advantages of Substrate technology,ChainX is now starting the “Experiencing Substrate Technology” campaign for EDG users!The successful users will get 2pcx experiencing rewards. The tutorial is attached at the end of the article.

Substrate technology is both the technical framework and the foundation of Polkadot. With its strong performance guaranteed, ChainX, which focuses on the BTC eco-portal, and Edgeware, the smart contract platform, have drawn great attention. This article starts with these two projects to describe Substrate’s development and application.

The Substrate technology, still in its infancy, needs to be adequately tested for security and stability before its main network is launched. Here Polkadot’s impeccably cautious attitude towards security and stability is worth mentioning: Kusama, described as “canary network” with a slogan “expecting chaos”, was launched before Polka main network went public. The move is well-aimed. Kusama this sentinel bird flies out to rule out in advance all possible problems to ensure smooth operation of the main networks. How precautious Polka is!

It’s also the same for ChainX which over the past six months has completed four versions of its test network development and was successfully launched on May 25th this year. So ChainX is the first Substrate chain to go live. After the launch, five hot upgrades were carried out with community support. Till now it has been running smoothly for nearly half a year.

Based on Substrate’s powerful contract development capabilities, ChainX for the first time integrated Bitcoin’s light nodes in a pure WASM virtual machine environment. ChainX is currently the largest Layer 2 network and sidechain for BTC. In November, its smart contract platform will be launched to create a BTC ecosystem portal. ChainX will explore BTC’s payment and contract value in addition to the existing storing value, and stands ready to create BTC’s stable currency, predictive machine and other applications, bringing Bitcoin into the blockchain 3.0 era. All of these are guaranteed by the powerful performance of Substrate technology.

However, Edgeware the smart contract platform of Polkadot, announced its failure two days after the launch, sparking a hot debate. Gavin was quick to responded: “The current technology is still immature. Edgeware tried its best before Polkadot launches a sufficiently stable main network, which is actually very brave. Edgeware maybe only has 50% chance to succeed, but that doesn’t make they bad at application.” Now the Edgeware team is working hard to improve.

Edgeware is an indispensable part of the Polkadot ecosystem and is Polkadot’s first public chain with smart contract. It is designed to be a WASM smart contract platform of high-performance and chain-autonomy. Once Polkadot’s main network goes live, users can deploy smart contracts on Polkadot via Edgeware. Polkadot is able to connect Edgeware with blockchains including Ethereum, allowing assets locked on one network to be managed on another. In the future, users will be able to run both Ethereum and Edgeware dapps, with Ethereum used as a stable network for high-risk financial applications, and Edgeware as a DApp platform that provides high throughput.

Substrate technology is still in the early stages of development and requires more testing and time to ensure security and stability. And its powerful performance also assures developers. I believe that Edgeware team will continue to press ahead with the development and application of the Substrate technology.

Campaign Rules:

Campaign time: October 23, 2019 — October 31, 2019


* This activity is only for users who participate in Edgeware lock-up mining.

* Send a transfer transaction to any address using the ETH address of the lock-up with the amount unlimited (can be 0).

* Attach the corresponding transcode of the ChainX account address to Data when conducting the transaction.

* Completing the transaction means successfully participating in the campaign for experiencing Substrate.

Activity rewards: Users after experiencing will receive 2PCX as rewards.

Activity rules:

* Each account is limited to participating only once.

* The rewards will be issued within five working days after the event.

*The ChainX community has the final interpretation over the campaign.

The following are the specific steps:

Step one:

Edgeware lock-up mining users create a ChainX account in ChainX Wallet (rewards will be issued to this account).

Step two:

On the Asset page, click Map (this step is to get the hex code of the user’s ChainX account address).

Click Copy, the button marked out by the arrow, to copy the content and paste it in Data when sending the transaction using Ethereum wallets that support Data.

Note: This step can also be done by a third-party tool http://www.swingnote.com/tools/texttohex.php

Step Three:

Using whatever ETH wallets that support Data, users send a transfer transaction (the amount is not limited) to a random address through the ETH lock-up mining address with the transcode (generated in the second step) of the ChainX account address attached to Data.

Note: current wallets that support Data are imToken, Parity, MyEtherWallet, jaxx, Mycrypto, Trust, Bitpie, Coinomi.

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ChainX is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin, based on Substrate, and will evolve into the Polkadot Secondary Relay Chain.