DappBirds Officially Launched ChainX DApp Zone

On August 19th, various Dapps developed based on the ChainX network were officially displayed in the DappBirds discovery area, and the docking of ChainX wallet accounts was completed. Users can quickly create and import ChainX wallet accounts through DappBirds.

DappBirds is a decentralized application service platform under the DappOS ecosystem, which integrates DApp big data analysis, application distribution, asset circulation and trading. At the same time, it provides professional DApp design and chain reform technical support, issuance, promotion services, and fully empowers the DApp ecosystem.

The official launch of DappBirds on the ChainX area and the wallet is an important measure for DappBirds as an eco-partner to help the ChainX ecosystem. Next, DappBirds will gradually contribute to the healthy development of ChainX ecosystem in terms of DAPP landing, Dapp publicity, market operation, user asset management, etc., and serve ChainX international users! At the same time, it also provides publicity, policy incentives, quality channels and other services for the developer team of the ChainX ecosystem.

About ChainX

ChainX is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin, based on Substrate, and will evolve into the Polkadot Secondary Relay Chain.