Crowdloan Bonus: NFTs that mine KSX!

4 min readAug 24, 2021

Ooh yes, we’re adding more goodies! In our SherpaX Crowdloan article, we eluded the addition of more rewards. In this article, we’ll lift the veil a little further and give you a good look at the added CID NFT reward! 🙌

Commemorative Kusama Auction CID

SherpaX has already opened its Crowdloan on Kusama and will be using this to participate in the coming Kusama Parachain Slot Auctions. As an extra incentive, we’ve added a batch of Limited Edition Coming ID NFTs! These CID NFT are ID cards used in

Chat, the truly private chat app that uses no mobile phone numbers or emails to sign up with. It works with a Private key to your wallet and these super pretty NFTs as identifiers!

These CID have a minimum of 1 digit, and a maximum of 12 digits. The lower the digits, the rarer they are. Then there’s also a 1% chance that you receive one with a watermark. The PolkaX team is also building the functionality to have these NFT mine KSX on SherpaX once it’s launched. Want to learn more? Start here.

Introducing the entire set

Let's have a look at the 4 Limited Edition CID who together make a set of Commemorative Kusama Auction CID.

  • Serial 2021–1–7 combines all the information contained in block #7924237 on the Kusama chain into the Kusama canary logo shape. This block is the first block where Kusama opened the slot auction.
  • Serial 2021–1–8 adopts the schematic diagram of Polkadot’s multi-chain collaboration, which shows the principle of Polkadot’s ecological operation. The generation time of block #7924237 is printed around the lower edge.
  • Serial 2021–1–9 dons a drop of water which envelops the Canary logo. We feel that the concept of Polkadot and the characteristics of water coincide. It all starts with a single drop, creating a huge wave of change and progression to a multi-chain future.
  • Serial 2021–1–10 has a medal engraved with the Kusama logo in both its text and icon form. This formation marks the indivisible characteristics of NFT and is signified as a medal of honour for NFT.
An example of the entire set

Reward rules

Below we’ve set out the different additional rewards to be obtained. Note that Reward 1 and Reward 2 are cumulative. Reward 2 will not replace Reward 1.

Reward 1: Priority Participation Award
Anyone who participates will get a random commemorative NFT!

  1. Users that locked KSM in the SherpaX Crowdloan during the first week of the auction (August 24th — August 31st) will receive a 7-digit Kusama CID
  2. Users that locked KSM in the SherpaX Crowdloan during the second week of the auction (September 1st— September 8th) will receive an 8-digit Kusama CID
  3. The 100 biggest contributors in each of the two weeks can choose their own number from a preselected list!
    7-digit CID selection link:
    8-digit CID selection link:

Reward 2: Contribution bonus
If you lock a large sum of KSM in the SherpaX crowdloan, you can receive the additional additional rewards below!

  • 20–49 KSM: An extra Random NFT
  • 50–499 KSM: A super rare 6-digit Kusama CID NFT
  • 500+ KSM: A super rare 6-digit CID NFT, with a watermark (normally 1% chance) and the ability to apply your own design!

Reward distribution

After the auction ends and SherpaX has won a slot, the rewards will be issued to your KSM address within one week. You can log in to the

NFTs wallet with your KSM wallet.

ComingChat registration link:

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