Coming V0.0.2 Recruits 100 testers

3 min readMay 25, 2021


What is Coming?

Coming is a communication software that focuses on user privacy and security. In the Web2.0 era, the most familiar communication software such as WeChat has created a very successful communication, social, and payment ecosystem. Coming will abandon the centralized thinking of WeChat and other communication software and adopt end-to-end encryption. Users only need to hold a decentralized Coming ID, and users can enjoy Web3 services and applications without worrying about the leakage of personal data and private information.

Coming will support cryptocurrency payments to meet users’ growing demand for crypto payments; in addition, Coming will also provide a smart applet platform to meet the development and use of smart contracts and Dapp applications by developers and ordinary users. What makes it different from WeChat is that Coming is a completely decentralized platform. There’s no need to worry about the privacy of information and data leakage caused by using small programs.

Why do we need Coming?

Your personal data needs to be absolutely protected; private information needs to be completely in your hands; that’s what the web3 application applets are for. The concept of web 3 is no longer a castle in the sky.

Coming pays more attention to customized design. You can set the read and return receipt functions of sending messages to specific groups of people. And the threshold for sending messages will be lower. You no longer worry about whether the duration of sending video messages is too long. Coming will erase the settings of traditional Web 2.0 communication software for unlimited possibilities.

Coming can support thousands of people in a single chat, breaking through WeChat’s restrictions. Support X-BTC red envelope point-to-point transfer and have it delivered instantly.

Coming will continue to improve and optimize user experience and enrich applications with one month as an iterative cycle. The second test version will be launched in the near future.

You can get a dedicated Coming ID

Every Coming user can register to get a Coming ID. Coming ID is composed of 1–12 digits and is stored on the MiniX Alliance Chain.

Obtaining a Coming ID is like obtaining a Coming NFT. Currently, there is no NFT of the same type on the market. Coming ID will bind your personal information on the chain, and every Coming user can apply for it. In the future updated version of Coming, NFT transactions will be launched, and the value growth in the trading space is unlimited.

Recruit 100 testers

If you:

1) Acknowledge the value of Coming and be willing to participate in the development of Coming;

2) Deeply participate in the Polkadot ecology: hold DOT, KSM and PCX;

3) Blockchain fanatics: actively promote and preach the value of blockchain;

4) Blockchain active contributors: have contributed to ChainX or the Polkadot community, have served as an ecological ambassador;

5) Blockchain credit endorsers: There are certain personal credit endorsements or institutional endorsements in the industry, such as a certain credit institution and a project node.

6) just love Coming: We have prepared to learn tasks for you, and you can complete them.

What kind of reward will you get?

As an early contributor to Coming, you will have the opportunity to get the first choice of a 6-digit number! After Coming is officially launched, all user registration IDs are 7 digits or more.

How to participate?

Fill in the form:

we will inform you before 28th May.

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