Coming: Era of encrypted communication and cryptocurrencies

4 min readApr 2, 2021


  1. Why do you start Coming?

This is an era where cryptocurrency and encryption technology are basking in warmth with more attention drawn to encrypted communication due to its necessity and urgency.

Let’s look at an example: assuming you are about to send your bank card password to your friend, how do you do that? With messaging apps? Absolutely no! Or your password is stored in the app permanently and can be as easily retrieved by the service provider as looking through their software log. Meanwhile cryptocurrencies are being accepted gradually as payment method with mainstream payment apps like Paypal adopting it in the same way as they adopted online payment a few years ago. This marks the beginning of crypto payment.

2. What are your advantages?

We have been deeply involved in the encryption technology of blockchain for over 5 years with extensive and rich experience in developing encrypted services and blockchain products. Our services and technical support have made way to government agencies and top-ranking companies and institutions.

Coming prioritizes two backends. One is blockchain, the other Internet. In terms of the blockchain backend, Coming has secured partnership with ChainX and Spider in technology. ChainX has been running smoothly for 2 years with constant upgrading and improvement, which makes it a perfect blockchain backend. More functions are to be added like BTC instant payment with 0 service fee and supporting other inter-chain assets mirrored by ChainX. In addition, ChainX will also serve as the decentralized digital identity backend.

In terms of the Internet backend, encryption technology in communication provided by the Signal team which dedicates 10 years in this regard is the springboard, based on which more optimization will be carried out.

3. To whom you are most grateful?

We wholeheartedly appreciate the technical assistance and community support provided by ChainX development team, ChainX community, Signal development team, and Signal users.

We would also extend our heartfelt thanks to the developers of IPFS and substrate, for their contribution in designing high-quality and convenient infrastructure for Web3 applications.

4. What kind of risks may Coming face?

Regulatory risks. Laws and regulation policies vary in different countries when it comes to encryption and cryptocurrency. Obtaining regulatory permit and government permission is a prerequisite for our product to be deployed.

Coming embraces different laws and policies to adopt and adjust its features and functions accordingly without changing its encryption nature.

5. Will you issue tokens?

We will fund the team and product through equity financing with a goal of being listed traditionally. Of course, we do not rule out the possibility of tokenizing the equity if the crypto market is improved, STO and other financing forms optimized, and compliance supervision upgraded.

6. Do you have a financing plan?

Yes. What we are undertaking is a “Alipay + Wechat” course which is a global vision and needs more talents than what we have as a team.

Smart global capital represented by a16z is exactly the kind of investment institution we are actively seeking.

7. What is the biggest difficulty?

The rise of Binance attributes to its excellent features and user-friendly designs that have attracted lots of users and keep extending its user base, which shows the unrivalled advantage of quality product.

What we aspire to do is an even better product with finetuned improvement and precisely calibrated tweaks to keep attracting users.

8. What is your development stage?

We are still at the initial stage, not even 1% of what the final product will be in terms of user experience and functions. Mains functions include 1. encrypted payment (mobile payment similar to Alipay) 2. encrypted Internet communication (similar to Wechat but on this basis all messages are encrypted).

9. What are your team values?

Life stretches only a few decades. Pursuing physical comfort and material gains does not satisfy a person spiritually. But if we can seize the opportunity to contribute to the society and make scientific breakthroughs, we will be profoundly satisfied and feel a sense of accomplishment. This is what we live for and hold dear.

10. Why name it Coming?

Elon Musk named his electric vehicle after Nikola Tesla to commemorate his great contribution to the mankind. Quoting Tesla “I will no longer work for the present, but for the future”, we strive to present the future in our head to the general public. We’re looking forward to the future, so we choose the name Coming which indicates the future is coming and we should press ahead and welcome the upcoming future with excitement and vitality.

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