ChainX Node Exclusive Interview Phase 5||realgar

Since the ChainX main net rgoes alive, a governance model with nodes parlianments and community users as the main body has been gradually established, combining under-chain governance with on-chain referendum. Through the joint efforts of community ,ChainX governance has made considerable progress.

In order to enable community users to have a deeper understanding of ChainX nodes and participate in community governance more reasonably and effectively, the PolkaX team launched a special interview with ChainX nodes.

ChainX Node Interview 05 | The ChainX community invited node Realgar to share. Following is an excerpt of the highlights of the interview, organized and released by the PolkaX team:

My team is composed of both myself and myself, this to allow easy management of funds and investments, uniting the speed of decision and execution.

I use an experience in the field of Dpos and therefore in the management of nodes, starting from bitshares / lisk, where I was able to cultivate friendships, synergies, and experiences, even though I started undermining BTC with asic in 2013.

I do not make use of direct collaborations, but coming from the Open Source environment, I prefer the exchange of knowledge with those people who have shared successes and poverty with me.

Over time I started focusing on investments on projects with solid teams and defined roadmaps, an example is Polkadot following ChainX. I am Italian and thanks to esteemed members of the Italian community who have contributed most to the formation of the first Italian ChainX community which today has 203 members, and which is very active and has great expectation on the economic model proposed by ChainX.

Regarding investments and the future vision, I believe that a large part of the stash accumulated in PCX is destined to the stake, I do not exclude to allocate a part to the bonding of parachains or parathread always on ChainX, or to carry out financing on inherent emerging ChainX projects worthy of being incurred.

By the way, having shares in Kusama and Polkadot, I can effectively support ChainX within the Polkadot ecosystem.

My server configuration is a normal shell with Ubuntu 18.4 a Multicore CPU (8) 32 Gb of static Dram, a 1 Tb Hdd, it is not CPU clustered atm, so regarding distaster recovery I have a synching node and scripts monitoring the thread in execution (log lurking).

Oh well, I’ve heard about ChainX at Riot, and have seen the emphases of talking with Dr. Gavin Wood, followed the project since the beginning and have noticed how fast was the ChainX team to put ideas into code.

I had a vision of the potential of what ChainX would represent for Polkadot and the answer was “ChainX is Cosmos within Polkadot”.

I was focusing on Italian community, and I am planning to hire people to help me to arrange ChainX meetups and events in Italy, furthermore I will continue what I am doing with social networks and direct public relations.

The future of ChainX and Polkadot is directly related to how the crypto community will embrace interoperability.

The feeling I have is that it will be a game changer and that nothing will ever be the same. I am not talking in economic terms, but in the perspective of building a governance and a more evolved and conscious community

Chain represent the “Satoshi vision” but PoS. That said the main Goals of ChainX are: A real solution for the distribution problem in a PoS system (Cross mining with Alien Tokens) and Resilience to Attaks even with low cap evaluation.

Personally, I prefer do not encurage anyone to nominate me, I really prefer people feel free to vote/nominate their best candidate.

There are several factors to take in consideration, a good validator must own tech skills and good behavior.

My Motto is “Work, be humble, be transparent, let others have their opinions on you”.

ChainX is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin, based on Substrate, and will evolve into the Polkadot Secondary Relay Chain.