ChainX Live AMA in Crypto Believer

Could you please introduce yourself and ChainX in Brief?

Hello ,I am Kristen,the CMO of ChainX. It is a great pleasure for me to meet you all today!

Q.1 What is the difference between ChainX Smart Contract and Ethereum Smart Contract? How ChainX Smart contact can lead over Ethereum smart contract?

The difference between ChainX Smart contract and Ethereum Smart Contract is illurstrated as the following table

Q.2 There are so many different Blockchains , each one having different features like ETH for smart contract, some have privacy features but what features does ChainX have and why do you think people will use it ?

I think we should focus on what problem they could solve or what value they could bring instead of what features they have. ETH explores the function of Block Chain.

Q. 3 ChainX Project uses PoS Consensus mechanism ! But, Many Big Developers said that PoW consensus is best in terms of security ! Then, why ChainX choose PoS instead of PoW or any other consensus ?

Although there are still a lot of dispute about PoW or PoS, we believe PoS is the future. No need to compare these two in details, the facts speak for themselves. Gavin Wood, the most distinguished and experinced blockchain architect and industry leader in the world, chooses to use PoS consensus for Polkadot. Ethereum is actively evolving into Eth2.0 which uses PoS too. It’s obvious that PoW is no longer the mainstream.

Q.4 I saw @chainx_org on @AcalaNetwork website. Do you plan to integrate Acala stablecoin into ChainX DEX or does Acala plan to use PCX as a collateral for their crosschain stablecoin system? Can you comment on this collaboration?

Actually We are working together to implement ACALA network stablecoin as the trading medium of ChainX through the bridge. At the same time, ACALA network is also exploring the solution of using X-BTC as collateral.

Q.5 I see on medium about “World’s First Bitcoin DAPP”. Can you please tell more about this Bitcoin Dapp ? I have never heard of Bitcoin Dapps.Why did you invested in this?

You never seen anything as Bitcoin Dapp, because no one could realise it before ChainX implenting the bitcoin cross chain and lauching the smart contract. No one could ever combine these two together before,but ChainX did it. we belive the value of bitcoin. as I mentioned in the Q2, we all needs bitcoin but technically impossible to implement!

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ChainX is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin, based on Substrate, and will evolve into the Polkadot Secondary Relay Chain.