ChainX is Fully Open Source

The ChainX code base will be all open source, including but not limited to all projects developed by the PolkaX team, all codes of the ChainX project and related codes developed by Filecoin.

1. ChainX Client

  • What is ChainX Client!

Simply put, all content of ChainX white paper + proposal = ChainX code

ChainX code = ChainX client

2. The synchronization library

  • What is a synchronization library

By customizing the ChainX client to write data on the chain to a traditional database, the ChainX browser can provide more complete data query, display and search services.

  • The code

- [Chainx Bonds library](

- [Sync library service](

- [Synchronous Resolution Service](

3. ChainX Signer & Extension

  • What is ChainX Singer & Extension?

ChainX Signer and Extension are used to create and manage ChainX accounts, and proxy users to sign, send transactions, and return to the caller transaction status. Similar to Metamask, Scatter and other tools for Ethereum, Eos, ChainX Signer and Extension facilitate the development of DAPP and expand the ChainX ecosystem.

  • the Code

- [ChainX Signer]( 及 [chainx-signer-connector](

- [ChainX extension](

  • [chainx.js](

4. Filecoin

  • About Filecoin

ChainX is bridging Fil. In the future, Fil can be used as an inter-chain asset to stake on ChainX. ChainX X-BTC can be used to pay for storage fees.

  • The Code,,

Some of ChainX’s code has not been open source, and will be gradually carried out, so stay tuned for open source developments. In order to encourage developers to participate in ChainX ecosystem, ChainX will launch a funding plan! Follow the ChainX community for details!

About ChainX



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ChainX is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin, based on Substrate, and will evolve into the Polkadot Secondary Relay Chain.