ChainX governance forum on Commonwealth is open!

3 min readSep 1, 2021

The ChainX forum on Commonwealth is open for business. From today forward we can create, discuss and fund community projects on the Commonwealth platform. It’s all on-chain so the forum and on-chain mechanisms are fully integrated. Check it out here! We have prepared some topics for you to discuss but feel free to open new threads!

Last week we announced the partnership with Commonwealth Labs here. Next week we will be officially launching the forum with a special AMA with Alexander Vogels (@Exxibition) Wednesday 7 September at 20:00 hrs EST in the ChainX telegram community.

“Bringing together a forum and on-chain functionality allows for the alignment of community efforts and those of the development team. With the platform, the team aims to fortify and initiate community growth and development and to raise community building to a whole new level. The development team in collaboration with the Operations Team, a community initiative founded in June of this year, will be working towards offering bounties for development, marketing and community-building efforts.

Common Protocol allows us to create new ways of community engagement and to reward these efforts. More ambitious goals can be achieved through the creation and voting on referendum and treasury proposals. This and more can all happen in one place, making the ChainX governance focussed and transparent. The collaboration with Common Protocol allows us to shape the way we run ChainX governance the way it needs to together.”

You can log in on Commonwealth by verifying an email address or with your ChainX wallet. On that page, you will find the forum where we can discuss new proposals, ideas and explore questions together.

You can make a request for tips. There’s also a bounties tab, we will be working to create a bounty program, which can be discussed here. We love to learn about your ideas about the growth and development of ChainX and the ChainX community!

Referendum proposals can be created and discussed here and we can also hold polls to see if a proposal has potential before bringing it to an official on-chain vote. For treasury funding, you can make requests here.

We would love to know what you think, do you have ideas to improve the forum? Let us know below! Questions for the AMA next Wednesday are also more than welcome here! Let’s go!

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