ChainX Global Node Ambassadors Program

ChainX is launching a brand new plan to recruit Node Ambassadors around the world!

  1. Why should you run for the ChainX node ambassador?

ChainX aims to become a digital asset gateway, breaking the barriers between different assets. It has successfully integrated all BTC light nodes to enable easy chain-crossings, which makes it the world’s first smart contract wasm platform that is capable of automatic light node chain-crossing. At present, the inter-chain BTC transfer time is just 2s with ignorable service fee as low as few cents, catapulting it to the fame as the fastest project out of all BTC expansion projects. More importantly it has been implemented.

In the foreseeable future ChainX will connect with Polka Ecosystem, gain access to Libra, bridge different enterprise chains and become part of the central bank’s digital currency plan. The Chinese government and the State Council are actively supporting the Shenzhen government to explore digital currency innovation and mobile payment. Equipped with good launching conditions, ChainX is to be the first rolled-out project in the digital currency payment field. With such a magnificent future unfolding in front of you and beckoning you to participate, would not it be worth trying?

2. What are the expectations held for a node ambassador?

ChainX originating from the UK was born in China and developed in Europe. The node ambassadors should spread the value of ChainX to every corner of the world. ChainX node ambassadors should contribute to the system voluntarily and spread the value, including but not limited to

2.1 Brand Promotion: contents (articles, videos and other publicity materials); online, offline sharing.

2.2 Community Building: building their own node communities

2.3 Technical Contribution: program development, code contribution

3. Incentives for Node Ambassadors

ChainX’s node rewards mainly come from three sources.

  • 10% of users’ voting income.
  • 10% of users’ virtual mining revenue.
  • 10% of the service fee of verifying the node package transactions

The ambassadors could benefit from their nodes, and have access to additional rewards during the Node Ambassador Incentive Plan.

3.1 Content Rewards:

3.1.1 Video, article rewards.

  • 3000 views 20USD;
  • 6000 views 50USD;
  • 10000 views 100USD;
  • 20000views 200USD
  • 10W+ Viewership video 100PCX

The above rewards are only for reference with the final ones decided by the platform.

3.1.2 It is necessary to assess the content from the following aspects to yield strong influence.

● Content review is required. Send the articles to and the results will be shown within 3 working days.

● The viewership of articles should be tamperproof. Authors need to provide accurate publishing time and 24-hour page-view screenshots to the staff for supervision.

● Conversion rate which means new members in the community, new twitter followers, newly created accounts, or newly add BTC lock-ups is closely monitored.

● The final interpretation of the validity of videos, articles, etc. should be given by ChainX. If there is any traffic fraud, or the conversion rate is too low, the staff has the right to decide the traffic invalid.

3.2 Community Building Rewards

3.2.1. Node community:

● The number of people in the community exceeds 500: 20PCX as the rewards

● The number of people in the community exceeds 1,000: 50PCX

● The number of people in the community exceeds 2,000: 100PCX

The above is for reference only, and the size of a specific community will be set accordingly to the community platform.

3.2.2. In order to ensure the quality of a community, the ChainX admin which will inspect the community for a month will be added to the group from the very establishing point. The quality of a community is assessed from the following aspects:

● KOL, the number of communities, users

● Community activeness: the number of periodic community spokespersons, the number of speeches

● Contribution: the number of content distribution, quality, and the number of cooperation

If the final assessment is not satisfying, ChainX admin has the right to decide that the community is invalid.

3.3 Technology Development Rewards: users can apply to the community parliament for rewards after the completion of certain technical features which will be assessed from the following aspects:

● Development cost: development difficulty, development workload

● Product: core functions, subsidiary functions

● Product experience: usability, ease of use

● User feedback: positive feedback, negative feedback

3.4 Voting support from the Polka Team

If the members of a node community exceeds 1,000, the PolkaX team will cast 5,000 votes to encourage them.

3.5 Joining the Parliament

ChainX is an ecosystem based on community governance which is sure to play the decisive role in ChainX daily activities in the future. The top ranked nodes can be elected to the parliament and participate in community governance!

4 The application steps to become a node ambassador

4.1 Submitting the application

Send your application letter to

4.2 Reviewing

The staff will review your application within five working days.

4.3 Node setting

A node ambassador needs to complete node deployment and registration within five working days.

4.4 Submitting the Ambassador Plan

An approved ambassador needs to write a three-month plan within five working days.

4.5 Quarterly review

After the first phase (three months August 29-October 29) the rewards will be handed out to each ambassador within 10 working days.

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