ChainX Ecosystem Monthly Report #3

4 min readJul 5, 2022



ChainX will implement bitcoin omnichain lending

ChainX is deploying the MakerDAO protocol and the LayerZero protocol to realize the bitcoin omnichain lending business. At that time, users will be able to borrow any stablecoin on any chain by locking XBTC, without using a cross-chain bridge.

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ComingChat Algorithm NFT

ComingChat plans to introduce an algorithm NFT for 5-digit CIDs, a new way of designing NFT that will give deep meaning to NFT and clearly distinguish different CIDs.

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Added 5-digit CID information binding and transfer function

The CID app supports the following features

‘Transfer’ to transfer your 5-digit CID

‘ Add/Edit Record’ to bind your social media info

‘Extend’ to increase your rental tenure

ComingChat now supports SoSwap

Now, mobile users can use SoSwap in ComingChat

Added Arbitrum/Optimism/KCC/ChainX-EVM/Dogecoin networks

ComingChat now supports 5-digit CID

Users can now log in to ComingChat using the registered 5-digit CID.

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Added swap function

ComingChat launched the native swap beta version.

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Dogecoin airdrop campaign is underway

Each 5-digit CID owner will receive 10–100 dogecoin after snapshot.

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ComingChat to rework metaverse page

ComingChat will remove the current metaverse page and launch a new “Discover” page this month. It will integrate the existing DeFi/DEX/NFT mainstream apps and provide a portal.

ComingChat to launch a brand new official website

The new official website is planned to be completed next week.


Added network switching function

New network switching function, users can now switch between SherpaX and ChainX networks by clicking on the top right corner

Omnichain Swap

SoSwap is integrating the Stargate and LayerZero protocols to enable omnichain swap, where users will be able to exchange any asset on any chain with one click, without using a cross-chain bridge. The beta version is expected to be completed next week.

Bitcoin omnichain lending business to be integrated in SoSwap in the future

After ChainX successfully deploys the MakerDAO and LayerZero protocols and implements Bitcoin omnichain lending, the business will be integrated into SoSwap and become a core feature of SoSwap. At that time, SoSwap will become an omnichain financial platform with both omnichain swap and BTC omnichain lending as core functions.

SoSwap will be renamed Omnichain BTC

Since SoSwap will become an omnichain financial platform in the next phase, the team decided to change the name to Omnichain BTC after discussion, considering that the name SoSwap does not reflect the characteristics of the omnichain and the bitcoin lending business.

SoSwap to launch a brand new official website

The new official website is planned to be completed next week.

SoSwap to Launch Dogcoin-Related Trading Pairs and Pools

Soswap (SherpaX network) will launch dogcoin-related trading pairs and pools next week. Users can top up their dogcoins cross chain to the SherpaX network and trade or stake them on SoSwap for profit.


SherpaX Dapp Wallet page has been updated

New features:

  1. Transfer of multiple cross-chain assets
  2. Asset allocation dashboard


SherpaX Network has deployed Lucky Treasure smart contract

The SherpaX network has deployed contract related to the Lucky Treasure game and will be integrated in SoSwap, which is expected to go live in late July.

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SherpaX network enables cross-chain of dogecoin

At the end of this week, users will be able to top up their dogecoins to the SherpaX network and make withdrawals.




ChainX is a BTC Layer 2 solution compatible with EVM that utilizes Bitcoin as a gas fee, serving as the predecessor network of BEVM.