ChainX Ecosystem Monthly Report #2

4 min readJun 5, 2022



ChainX plans to map CIDs to various types of addresses on-chain

The first task of ChainX after completing EVM compatibility: To achieve the mapping between #CID and #ENS or addresses of various chains. Any wallet or app that adopts #TheCIDProtocol can implement transfers to #CID instead of various types of addresses.

ChainX plans to integrate the #LayerZeroProtocol and the #DistributedAggregationProtocol to build SoSwap into an omni-chain financial center that aggregates liquidity.

To deploy SoSwap on multiple chains and Integrate #TheLayerZeroProtocol and #TheDistributedAggregationProtocol on ChainX. Users can exchange $BNB on #BSC to $ETH on #Ethereum in SoSwap with just one click. And there is no need to use any bridges. In addition,users can view and select the highest yielding pools on multiple chains and invest.

At present, ChainX has established contact with the LayerZero official and has begun to deploy the LayerZero Endpoint.

ChainX listed on

Now, users can buy PCX directly with VISA on

The staking activities of ChainX and Encentive have been successfully completed.

ChainX and Encentive provide users on both sides with a pool worth 10,000 USD to stake and earn tokens. The event was successfully concluded on June 1st.

ChainX network successfully completed the upgrade and achieved EVM compatibility

With the cooperation of the nodes, the ChainX main network successfully completed the upgrade and achieved EVM compatibility. Now, ChainX is the same EVM smart contract platform as BSC or Ethereum.

Users can now connect to the ChainX network in MetaMask

Network Name: chainx-mainnet
Chain ID: 1501
Currency Symbol: PCX
Block Explorer URL:

XBTC-erc20 contract address: 0xc91a8e500E814990b06BDb4fC10745124fdBE748

ChainX successfully deployed 5-digit CID registration smart contract on EVM

ChainX5-bit CID registration open source code

ChainX is negotiating listing with Bitfinex

The ChainX team is communicating with Bitfinex and discussing listing related matters.


The ComingChat NFT creation event is in full swing

Since the start of the event, community users have created many excellent and high-quality NFT works. In view of this, ComingChat will continue to launch NFT creation reward activities to encourage users to actively participate in Comfuture NFT creation.

ComingChat Wallet now supports Terra and Cosmos networks

ComingChat Wallet now supports Terra network and Cosmos network. Including the tokens $LUNC,$UST and $ATOM, and will soon access the token $LUNA.

ComingChat will soon integrate SoSwap

SoSwap on ComingChat is currently in beta. After the test is completed, users will be able to use SoSwap on their mobile phones.

5-digit CID open for registration

💎 #ComingChat 5-digit #CID 💎 is officially open for registration on the #ChainX #EVM platform

1️⃣ Connect the ChainX network in MetaMask
2️⃣ Open SoSwap and switch to ChainX network
3️⃣ Transfer PCX from Funding Account to Trading Account in SoSwap
4️⃣ Click the CID registration link and follow the instructions 👉🏻

After the registration is completed, users can click the MetaMask logo in the upper right corner of the page to view the CID they already have.

usage scenarios are under development, and the use of registered CID in ComingChat will be supported later.


Launched the stake SO earn PCX pool

Now users can stake the $SO obtained by liquidity mining in the earning pool to obtain $PCX income.

The SoSwap version has been updated, and the UI interface has been upgraded.

The new interface adopts a light color style, which is clearer and simpler, some scenes are displayed more reasonably, and the details are optimized.

Added INFO section

The INFO column has been added, and users can now intuitively get SoSwap-related data and transaction information.

SoSwap can now connect to the ChainX network

As the ChainX network completed the EVM upgrade, SoSwap completed the deployment on ChainX. At present, SoSwap on ChainX only has the transfer function. After connecting to the ChainX network in MetaMask, users can transfer PCX/XBTC (Wasm) to EVM to get the corresponding tokens in ERC20 address format.




ChainX is a BTC Layer 2 solution compatible with EVM that utilizes Bitcoin as a gas fee, serving as the predecessor network of BEVM.