ChainX Ecological Tokens

3 min readApr 5, 2022



PCX is the token of the Bitcoin layer2 network ChainX.PCX is mainly used for governance and staking.
You can vote for validators on ChainX Dapp Wallet to get income, the APR is about 30%.
You can also stake PCX on SoSwap to get income, the APR is 50%.

Maximum supply: 21 million

How to get it: Cross-chain deposit Bitcoin to ChainX network for mining/SoSwap/Kucoin/MECX/HotBit/AEX/


KSX is the token of SherpaX Network, the canary network of ChainX. SherpaX is a smart contract platform with both EVM and Wasm. KSX is the gas fee for the network and all Dapps built on SherpaX, such as SoSwap.

Maximum supply: 21 million

KSX is very special in the crypto world, it has two kinds of addresses at the same time, Substrate address and Ethereum address.

How to get it: SherpaX DAO Airdrop Event/ComingChat NFT Mining/Airdrop for PCX Early Holders/SoSwap

Not currently listed on CEXs


MINIX chain token. Comfuture CID/NFT creation and trading platform fee.

How to get it: stake PCX on SoSwap / trade on SoSwap


a token issued by the Multi-chain DEX,SoSwap.

Maximum Supply: 210,000

The output is 0.05 per minute, 72 per day, halved every 2.1 million minutes.

The SO generated every minute will be automatically distributed based on the pool’s weight and the user’s LP token share. The mining pool weight is divided into three levels: 1/5/10: The weight of the trading pair between $PCX, $USB, $KSX, and Mini is 5; the weight of the trading pair between $SO and these four currencies is 10 ; the rest are 1.

How to get it: Provide liquidity for trading pairs on SoSwap / trade on SoSwap


Decentralized stablecoin of the SherpaX network, developed and managed by the BTC DAO. USB is issued by full mortgage of the assets on the SherpaX chain as a guarantee, and is anchored at 1:1 with the US dollar.

Individuals and businesses can cross-chain deposit BTC to ChainX to obtain XBTC, and then cross-chain deposit XBTC or PCX to SherpaX to borrow USB to obtain safe-haven assets and liquidity.

How to get it: Mortgage XBTC, PCX(on SherpaX)/ trade on SoSwap


The governance token of BTC DAO, USB is generated by staking XBTC/PCX (on SherpaX), and an equal amount of BDA is generated at the same time.

If you need to redeem XBTC/PCX, you must destroy the corresponding amount of BDA.


Token for Bitcoin testnet Signet. The SherpaX network uses sBTC for technical testing, such as Bitcoin cross-chain, Taproot technology, etc., thus preparing for ChainX to apply real Bitcoin.

Before making a transaction, you must cross-chain sBTC to the SherpaX network

You can check the sBTC on the original chain in the wallet of ComingChat.
After cross-chain depositing sBTC to SherpaX, you need to connect the SherpaX network in MetaMask to check the sBTC balance.

How to get it: Airdrop event/trade on SoSwap




ChainX is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin, based on Substrate, and will evolve into the Polkadot Secondary Relay Chain.