ChainX Dev Update August 2021

3 min readAug 31, 2021

Development update time! Below you will find the summary of the work the PolkaX team has completed and get an insight into the various things they are working on. As always, if you have any questions, we are available in the ChainX Community telegram.


SherpaX is the canary network of ChainX and will serve as a testbed for new developments in Bitcoin Layer 2 technology. It will be connected to Kusama as a parachain by participating in the auctions for a Kusama slot. SherpaX and ChainX are highly similar in design, with new technological innovations being tested on SherpaX first.

Development progress

  • Completed the upgrade of the SherpaX parachain to Polkadot-v0.9.9.
  • Completed implementing ComingID on SherpaX.
  • Completed implementing C-Card NFT on SherpaX.
  • Completed implementing EVM on SherpaX.
  • Completed construction of the SherpaX EVM testnet.

Taproot BTC cross-chain solution

Taproot is the upcoming major upgrade of the Bitcoin network. In response to this, we are actively promoting a new cross-chain plan for ChainX. At present, our work can be divided into two parts: on-chain and off-chain. The goal of the on-chain part is to implement TapScript verification of the BTC-like network on ChainX. The goal of the off-chain part is to use ComingChat as the basis of communication, use MuSig as a multi-signature scheme, and introduce MAST to finally implement threshold signatures. Finally, through the off-chain threshold signature + ChainX on-chain verification + BTC network service to help us complete this Taproot upgrade. At the same time, in order to accomplish this goal, we seek corresponding support by applying for w3f/Grant-Program.

Development progress

  • Implement the rust version of Musig2 multi-signature scheme based on libp2p, including the realization of the basic prototype of Musig2, the state transition of communication rounds, and the support for bip340.
  • It is compatible with the Schnorr signature of BTC after the Taproot upgrade and is compatible with the execution environment of ChainX. It can verify the Schnorr signature of BTC on ChainX.
  • Basically implement the rust version of MAST, support the construction of MAST and the generation of Merkle Proof through input scripts
  • Realize the analysis and verification of the latest version of BTC segregated witness program, including Taproot and Tapscript. Taproot is the transaction type that spends BTC through key-path, and TapScript is the type that spends BTC through script-path.
  • Apply for the w3f/Grant-Program for threshold signature.

Community/Activity Progress

On August 12th, the ChainX network was successfully upgraded to 3.0.0, fixed the problem of the network stopping block generation, and optimized the consensus mechanism.

On August 14th, the ChainX Association has refunded all the amount of penalty interest caused by the upgrade of each node.

On August 19th, SherpaX launched the Kusama slot auction Crowdloan.

On August 20th, the PolkaX development team repaired some node prize pool migrations, BTC withdrawal fees, and PCX unbound failures caused by the upgrade.

On August 20th, the new SherpaX Crowdloan rewards for the Kusama parachain slot auction were officially released.

On August 25th, Guo Guanghua, CEO of the PolkaX development team, participated in the AMA in the ChainX telegram group. The topic of the discussion was “What is the strategy for SherpaX winning in the Kusama Slot Auction?”

On August 26, the ChainX community launched the theme AMA: “The much-watched Kusama slot auction, what is the chance of SherpaX winning?

Scientific research results

Below you can find a couple of our research papers into various subjects we’ve completed in the past month.

About SherpaX

SherpaX is the canary network of ChainX and will serve as a testbed for new developments in Bitcoin Layer 2 technology.

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About ChainX

ChainX will become the largest Bitcoin Layer 2 Network in the world. The first Substrate blockchain to go live will provide Polkadot with the most valuable digital assets on the market. Committed to realizing trustless and decentralized bridges for Bitcoin and other assets, it forms an inter blockchain asset gateway, pathing the way for a truly interoperable network of blockchains.

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ChainX is a BTC Layer 2 solution compatible with EVM that utilizes Bitcoin as a gas fee, serving as the predecessor network of BEVM.