ChainX Weekly Report:ChainX and Zenlink(Polkadot DEX protocol ) Reached a Strategic Cooperation

1. Chainx Data:

InterChain BTC: 321.11

PCX Supply: 6,429,950

PCX Delegated: 72.25%

2. Community Governance:

Chairman of Chainx council On duty this week: cannon

  • On August 17, Chainx and zenlink(Polkadot DEX protocol ) reached a strategic cooperation. The two sides will carry out technical support, community work, ecological construction, market development and other aspects of building Polkadot network.
  • Chainx put forward a new plan. With the official opening of Polkadot transfer,a process will be carried out in the following five directions: Dot bridge,double mining, bidding slots,bridge of more and more blockchain network, gradually evolving into Polkadot relay chain, on chain governance, DAPP market, etc.
  • On August 19, Chainx was officially launched in Dappbirds DAPP zone. Users can quickly create and import Chainx wallets through Dappbirds.
  • On August 23, huilanshan, a member of Chainx council, issued a report on the work of the 7th session council.
  • According to the contents of proposals №11 and 12, chainx has stopped the incentive mining and interest raising functions of L-BTC and S-DOT on Chainx in the early morning of August 19, and removed S-DOT from Chainx DEX.
  • After L-BTC and S-DOT stop mining, the remaining prize pool will be transferred to the special account of council fund for auction of Polkadot parallel chain slot.
  • After the mining function of L-BTC and S-DOT stops, the corresponding incentive mining income (i.e. the AR part of proposal 9) will be temporarily collected by a special account, using for development of Chainx.
  • Chainx council launched the open source grant program, which will provide financial support to individuals and teams promoting the development of Chainx, mainly providing financial support for development of software, community and market. As long as you are willing to contribute to the Chainx community and have mature ideas and practical ability, you can apply for grant!

3. Development progress

ChainX 1.0

  • The main network of Chainx was successfully upgraded to v1.1.1, and it was officially launched to proposal №11 and №12.

ChainX 2.0

  • Integrate benchmark function and improve transaction weight based on benchmark
  • bitcoin test work
  • Provide support for parallel chain
  • Complete signer’s support for ChainX 2.0
  • The web wallet page supports asset display and transfer, as well as voting
  • ChainX.js 2.0 SDK bug fixed and upgrade
  • Development of blockchain browser account module

4. Community data



WeChat Official account: 4498

Chainx account: 6443

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ChainX is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin, based on Substrate, and will evolve into the Polkadot Secondary Relay Chain.