Question 1: ChainX is the first Polkadot project to go online and run successfully. When it comes to Polkadot, ChainX is an indispensable part of the ecology. Can you tell us what the role of ChainX is in Polkadot’s ecology? What is the vision of the project itself?

Question 2: ChainX successfully cross-chained Bitcoin to the main network, which is technically fully decentralized, but it requires a multi-signature form when it crosses from the main network. Polkadot project Ren is said to be able to achieve two-way automatic X-BTC, why can’t ChainX X-BTC achieve two-way?

Q3. Why is ChainX not connected to ETH 2.0?

Q4. In addition to listing coins, are there any other collaborations between ChainX and Hoo?

Q5. After Polkadot goes online, what new plans does ChainX have?

Q6. Polkadot is officially launched, what kind of outbreak will ChainX usher in?

ChainX is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin,based on substrate technology, will evolve into the Polkadot Network as a secondary relay chain eventually.

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