ChainX 2.0 is Coming Soon, Here are What Nodes Must Know for Migration

4 min readOct 21, 2020


The ChainX mainnet was launched on May 25, 2019. It is the first chain in the Polkadot ecosystem based on the Substrate framework. Currently, it has realized the cross-chain of Bitcoin assets through the built-in Bitcoin light node and has been running stable so far. Since ChainX went online very early, its underlying framework is based on the early Substrate 1.0, and Substrate 2.0 was officially released in September 2020. Not only have many new functional modules been added, but functional modules such as on-chain governance are more complete and fully verified.

In order to introduce on-chain governance to open a new chapter in ChainX community governance, and to support future access to the Polkadot Parachain ecosystem, the current Substrate 1.0-based ChainX (called ChainX 1.0) is upgraded to Substrate 2.0, making ChainX 2.0 a reality.

The Main Task.

The ChainX mainnet will be upgraded to version 2.0 soon, in order to ensure the smooth completion of the entire upgrade process. The information related to the node users will now be introduced in detail. Along with progress of the upgrade, more details will be released as they become relevant. Please pay attention to the official announcement channels for all nodes and users.

Node Chain Identity

The changes here are relevant to the operators of each node. After upgrading to 2.0, each node needs to reset its on-chain identity in the Identity module.

In ChainX 1.0, the staking module holds the node’s url, about and other identity information. After migrating to 2.0, the identity information of the node will be taken over by the identity module on the chain and no longer the staking module. Therefore, with the upgrade to 2.0, the staking module automatically retains only the previous node name. The user’s recommended channel ID and other identity information are set by each node operator through the Identity module after 2.0 is started.

Node Migration

ChainX 1.0 registered a total of 200+ nodes, including a large number of inactive nodes. Due to the performance of on-chain data and node RPC, while improving the credibility of node identity, some nodes registered with 1.0 will not be automatically migrated to 2.0. These nodes can be identified by the following two rules:

• If the node prize pool amount is 0, then the node will not be automatically migrated to the 2.0 network. If there are still users voting under the node, all votes will be automatically cancelled.

• If the node prize pool amount is less than 1 PCX, then the node will not be automatically migrated to the 2.0 network. If the node vote is equal to the node’s self-mortgage, that is, the node has no other users that vote except itself, then the unclaimed prize pool balance will be directly credited to the node account. If the node still has other users voting at this time, the remaining prize pool amount will be managed by the parliamentary account. After the 2.0 network is launched, voting users of this node can apply to the parliament to redeem the corresponding escrow amount.

All other nodes will automatically migrate to the 2.0 network. Note: You can check the prize pool balance of each node on the ChainX block explorer:

Verification node: Synchronization node and Unsettled node:

[Asset Migration] Special considerations

Node Operator

1. Because node registration will charge a fee, if each node wants to keep its own node in the 2.0 network, please ensure that the prize pool balance of your node is not less than 1 PCX to ensure that the node can be migrated to the ChainX 2.0 network normally.

Special reminder: If the node has a small number of voting users, please make sure not to raise the interest rate centrally during the upgrade phase, causing the prize pool amount to be less than 1 PCX, and the node cannot be migrated to the 2.0 network.

2. For node operators whose prize pool amount is less than 1 PCX, for convenience, they can withdraw interest by themselves and notify their voting users to withdraw voting interest, to avoid having to contact the council after the migration.

Voting User

1. If the user has unclaimed interest on the node whose prize pool amount is less than 1 PCX, please raise the interest and switch or redeem the vote as soon as possible to avoid subsequent operations.

2. All voting and interest-related information of users will be migrated to the 2.0 network, so users do not need to raise interest centrally before the upgrade, so as to avoid the situation that the voted nodes are not migrated to the 2.0 network because the prize pool amount is less than 1 PCX.

3. If the user has not withdrawn the interest of the node whose prize pool amount is less than 1 PCX before the upgrade, if you want to withdraw after the migration, please contact the chairman on duty of the council to withdraw.

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ChainX is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin, based on Substrate, and will evolve into the Polkadot Secondary Relay Chain.