Can I get a Coming ID?

2 min readApr 25, 2021


Coming ID=NFT

A Coming ID is a unique identifier used in Coming and exists in the MiniX consortium chain as an NFT. Therefore a Coming ID=NFT.

Coming ID will eventually be the only identifier in the software. When users add friends, establish communication, and even transfer money, they can search for the Coming ID of the other party.

You can auction or transfer

Your ID account is your private property. You can directly transfer the high-quality limited ID you obtained to others, or sell it through an auction. Your ID can be bound to all application-associated accounts in Coming, so you need to ensure that anything regarding your privacy is properly handled before handing it over to others.

How hard is it to get a Coming ID?

Coming ID consists of 1–12 digits. When Coming is officially launched, every user can register an ID with 7 digits or more. Before going live, Coming will go through countless iterations and updates, and the early stages will require high-quality community members to experience and test the various updates. To thank these important participants, coming will give them the ability to get a 6-digit ID!

Who will be eligible to participate?

1) Those who apply quickly
We will give priority to those who actively participate. The earlier you apply, the better your chances of qualifying.

2) Contributors to the ChainX community
You may have made various contributions to the ChainX community, such as long-term maintenance of the community, code contribution, long-term holding of PCX, etc.

You need to introduce yourself when you apply and let us know your contribution.

3) PCX holders
If you hold a lot of PCX this could be to your advantage too. You can submit the address according to the requirements of the form below.

If you’re unsure whether you fit the criteria, it’s best to apply rather than not apply.

About ChainX

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