A Letter to ChainX Community


On Dec. 15, 2020, I mistakenly believed the icon of voting and transfer of account is the same, due to the system upgrading and unfamiliar with the operation. (Voting and transfer account icons are all small craft, so I don’t give the matter more thought.)

The 8000pcx that needs to be pledged was transferred to the CBD Paradise. The pledge interface did not show the amount. So I found that I made the loss because I was unfamiliar with the new version of the interface. But it was too late.

I told the team about my problems, they help me actively to connect with the leading official of the CBDParadise. After a long time of searches and waiting, we still can’t get in touch with their leading officials. As the mediator, they should receive relevant official information in time and respond in time. They also should consult with my team, but they don’t make any response to the whole process. It means that he didn’t want to return it by default. (In the afternoon of Dec.15, 2020,the 8000pcx has been transferred from the CBDparadise’s account. I personally think it should have credibility, such things should not happen.) I have no alternative but to use the community power to retrieve my PCX. If it can be returned back successfully, I would like to contribute 2000 PCX for the development of the PCX. It’s my personal reason that led to those things happen, but 8000pcx means a lot for my personnel and my family. I would sincerely thank all of you on all accounts. I fell sorry to bother you with my personal problems, I apologize deeply for this, I hope you could take warning for this.

My wallet address: 5QnPFjhjpZMU3ZM3huPZaV6JQgEGwofvCv399go2GbZjFsgJ CBDParadise:5V9Bu9ydAXnCjJEjgVvNgxAvEMGS3VdEKtMm7givE1o1SDmg
Trade hash 0xabaa4a726c5fd49ebed100c5b0791cf050fcc4140c3592b4e58b0b69e0f74b5a

About ChainX

ChainX is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin, based on Substrate, and will evolve into the Polkadot Secondary Relay Chain.