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ChainX is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin, based on Substrate, and will evolve into the Polkadot Secondary Relay Chain.

The SherpaX 2+1 Testnet was officially launched on June 4th. In this 2+1 joint testnet, 2 represents the ETH-based and BTC-based currency cross-chain gateways and 1 represents the upgraded version of the ChainX AMM DEX.

SherpaX will connect to Kusama as a parachain. To welcome the upcoming Kusama slot auction, SherpaX is launching the SherpaX 2+1 testnet contest with 6 different ways to win prizes by participating!

Contest awards

1. Best bridging award

1.1 Bridging assets
After completing all the steps to successfully bridge all the assets possible (BTC, DOGE, ETH, BNB), make a…

SherpaX is the canary network of ChainX, an experimental, authentic, and independent R&D network. SherpaX and ChainX are highly similar in design, and some new technological innovations and attempts will be pre-experimented on SherpaX before being deployed to ChainX. After several months of hard work, the three development teams of ChainX finally finished three important products, which are planned to be deployed to SherpaX this Friday for joint debugging.

What is the SherpaX 2 + 1 joint test network?

In the 2+1 joint test network, 2 represents the ETH-based cross-chain gateway and BTC-based cross-chain gateway, 1 represents the upgraded version of the ChainX matching exchange (like Uniswap). …

What is Coming?

Coming is a communication software that focuses on user privacy and security. In the Web2.0 era, the most familiar communication software such as WeChat has created a very successful communication, social, and payment ecosystem. Coming will abandon the centralized thinking of WeChat and other communication software and adopt end-to-end encryption. Users only need to hold a decentralized Coming ID, and users can enjoy Web3 services and applications without worrying about the leakage of personal data and private information.

Coming will support cryptocurrency payments to meet users’ growing demand for crypto payments; in addition, Coming will also provide a smart applet…

The Kusama slot auction is coming soon. As the canary network of ChainX, SherpaX will participate in the auction of the Kusama slot and access Kusama as a parachain. At that time, SherpaX will share the security of the entire Kusama network and can communicate with other parachains through the XCMP protocol to truly realize multi-chain and cross-chain, break the ecological barriers of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Polkadot, and realize the interoperability of ten thousand chains.

SherpaX launch and governance route

SherpaX is the pioneer network of ChainX. It has the characteristics of experimentation, authenticity, and independent existence. …

Fresh from the press, here’s a transcript of the AMA with Guanghua Guo, the CEO of PolkaX, about developing ChainX, SherpaX, MiniX, Coming and much more. What’s in store for the future and where are we headed!?

Below is an unfiltered, uncensored and quickly translated transcript of the AMA. Between brackets is the editor’s addition to the Chinese translation for it to make sense. There will be grammar and spelling errors…. You have been warned!

AMA Friday 14th May 2021

ALEX: Welcome everyone to the AMA with Guanghua Guo, the CEO of PolkaX!

Guanghua: I’m here, hello everyone

ALEX: For…

Users who support ChainX in slot auctions are rewarded with 10KSX for every 1 KSM voted;

2. Additional bonus:

Additional bonuses of varying proportions are handed out to users according to the amount of locked KSM they each have:

1) Lock-up bonus: The higher the amount, the greater the bonus. The following lists the locked amount of KSM in correspondence with the bonus proportion:

2) Invitation bonus: Users who support SherpaX in slot auctions via OKex stand ready to claim an additional bonus of 5%. …


用户支持sherpaX插槽成功拍卖,每投票1 KSM,可获得10KSX的奖励;





With the Kusama Slot Auctions being a hot topic in our community, we decided to organise an AMA with Gigi from the ChainX Products team last Saturday. She shared some insights on how SherpaX will prepare for the auctions and what significance it has to ChainX.

Read the summary of the event below.

#1. Can you briefly introduce to us what SherpaX is?

SherpaX is the canary network of ChainX, experimental and independent. It will be connected to Kusama as a parachain by participating in the slot auctions. …

ChainX’s first halving is imminent

ChainX has adopted the BTC economic model, meaning the total supply will never be more than 21 million. The difference however is that BTC’s halving is every four years and ChainX’s halving is every two years. Around the end of May, ChainX will usher in its first halving. After the first halving, the development team will no longer receive rewards from block generation, but will still be responsible for ChainX security maintenance and product development. Therefore, May is a bit of a special month for ChainX. Though, that is not the only reason.

Kusama slots auction coming soon

In the early hours of this morning…

Coming ID=NFT

A Coming ID is a unique identifier used in Coming and exists in the MiniX consortium chain as an NFT. Therefore a Coming ID=NFT.

Coming ID will eventually be the only identifier in the software. When users add friends, establish communication, and even transfer money, they can search for the Coming ID of the other party.

You can auction or transfer

Your ID account is your private property. You can directly transfer the high-quality limited ID you obtained to others, or sell it through an auction. …


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