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ChainX is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin, based on Substrate, and will evolve into the Polkadot Secondary Relay Chain.

With the Kusama Slot Auctions being a hot topic in our community, we decided to organise an AMA with Gigi from the ChainX Products team last Saturday. She shared some insights on how SherpaX will prepare for the auctions and what significance it has to ChainX.

Read the summary of the event below.

#1. Can you briefly introduce to us what SherpaX is?

SherpaX is the canary network of ChainX, experimental and independent. It will be connected to Kusama as a parachain by participating in the slot auctions. …

ChainX’s first halving is imminent

ChainX has adopted the BTC economic model, meaning the total supply will never be more than 21 million. The difference however is that BTC’s halving is every four years and ChainX’s halving is every two years. Around the end of May, ChainX will usher in its first halving. After the first halving, the development team will no longer receive rewards from block generation, but will still be responsible for ChainX security maintenance and product development. Therefore, May is a bit of a special month for ChainX. Though, that is not the only reason.

Kusama slots auction coming soon

In the early hours of this morning…

Coming ID=NFT

A Coming ID is a unique identifier used in Coming and exists in the MiniX consortium chain as an NFT. Therefore a Coming ID=NFT.

Coming ID will eventually be the only identifier in the software. When users add friends, establish communication, and even transfer money, they can search for the Coming ID of the other party.

You can auction or transfer

Your ID account is your private property. You can directly transfer the high-quality limited ID you obtained to others, or sell it through an auction. …

The XBTC 2.0 upgrade is a landmark event for ChainX where it upgrades its BTC cross-chain. With the first completed test of XBTC 2.0, ChainX will continue to upgrade its BTC cross-chain function within one year and introduce the latest technological advances in the industry, including decentralized vault technology and threshold signature technology (MPC). This upgrade is also the cornerstone for ChainX to build a BTC-based cross-chain DEFI center. The upgraded ChainX BTC cross-chain will have many advantages. Its better security, convenience, and timeliness provide a solid foundation for building mirrored assets and DeFi applications.

The three-week XBTC 2.0 event…

What is PlatDot?

In the field of blockchain, a bridge is a connection that allows tokens or arbitrary data to be transferred from one blockchain network to another blockchain network. Cross-chain refers to the use of bridges to transfer tokens or arbitrary data from one block to another. The chain state is transmitted to another network. The two chains can have different protocols, rules, communities, and governance models, but the bridge provides a compatible way to safely interoperate between the two parties.

PlatDot is such a bridge connecting the distributed privacy AI network PlatON and the Polkadot ecology.

The basic principle of PlatDot cross-chain

Bridges usually have different designs…

PlatDOT has just released the first public beta with ChainX, building bridges with Polkadot and PlatON.

PlatON, a global distributive privacy AI network, constitutes the underlying infrastructure that supports the transfer of digital and crypto assets. Free flow of assets among chains with minimized friction which should have been the basic ability now still stands as the common goal that needs to be reached urgently. PlatON and ChainX, with this in mind, have forged a strategic cooperation to press ahead with the Platdot project.

The inter-chain solution provided by Platdot will equip PlatON with advanced chain crossing technology that will…

On May 25, 2019, the world’s first Digital Asset Cross-Chain Gateway to support Cross-Chain Mining and the first Substrate-based chain in Polkadot ecology, integrated Bitcoin light nodes in a pure WASM virtual machine environment for the first time. The ChainX network appeared and PCX was officially born.

The total amount of PCX is 21 million with its issuance halved every two years using a BTC-like model. In the first cycle, 20% of issuance is owned by the genesis development team and used for continuous development funds. After the first halving, this is stopped, meaning all further PCX issuance is owned…

The Kusama parachain slot auction has entered the start-up stage. After the common good parachains are successfully deployed, the auction process will start. As the canary network of ChainX (PCX), SherpaX (KSX) will participate in the Kusama parachain Auction. Let’s review some important facts together below.

NOTE: This article is based on a 6-month lease slot period, 4 slots making 2 years. With Kusama likely having shorter lease periods, the numbers below will be changed accordingly once these are known.

1. Basic information

KSX has an initial issuance of 21,000,000, with a maximum of 10% additional issuance each year, mainly reserved for future…

ChainX is set to have its first halving at the beginning of June. To commemorate this special occasion and to thank the community for supporting ChainX in the past two years, we will be handing out a special ChainX Halving Community NFT to recognize community members who have made important contributions to the community and the project.

Type and quantity of NFT

1)Node Recognition NFT:

Limited to 10 copies, used to commend outstanding nodes that have contributed to the ChainX network;

2)Community Recognition NFT:

Limited to 35 copies, used to recognize community members who have made important contributions to the ChainX community;

3)Partner NFT:

Limited to 35 copies, used to thank the excellent…

  1. Why do you start Coming?

This is an era where cryptocurrency and encryption technology are basking in warmth with more attention drawn to encrypted communication due to its necessity and urgency.

Let’s look at an example: assuming you are about to send your bank card password to your friend, how do you do that? With messaging apps? Absolutely no! Or your password is stored in the app permanently and can be as easily retrieved by the service provider as looking through their software log. Meanwhile cryptocurrencies are being accepted gradually as payment method with mainstream payment apps like Paypal adopting…

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